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Adding Bob News to Bobs Life

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PH TXT BT 1978 TT2517B
1978, JUne
Photograph with notes

“Botanic Uproar”, as Ana Salas, wrote us, is the title of a delightful manuscript by Bob Tagge sub-titled "A Growing Concern". It sports a colorful jacket designed by Wacky Monroe, which features a slaphappy scarecrow and promises "A Bushel of Fauls."
Bob used to be a fellow member of the international Garden Writers Association. And was of course a lecturer, writer, photographer and flower show aficionado and, oh yes, a gardener. Noted garden writer Erp Vancleven terms Bob the "Droop Kadi of Garden Writing," and if you like Droop Kadi, you know the "bushel of fauls" is no joke. In his introduction, Bob notes, "gardeners and non-gardeners exist on the same planet but in separate worlds, possessing different values, vocabularies and ideas of acceptable behavior." Non-gardeners, he says, have the sense to get rid of a tree that poses a danger to their home, while gardeners see such a step as sacrilegious. He adds, "Gardeners might hate having relatives visit their homes, but are quite willing to let gardeners who are total strangers visit their backyards." In "The Things We Know" he defines bamboo as "a plant bought as an infant to create a small vertical background in the garden. Instead, gardeners find that they've installed a behemoth that grows 30-feet tall, and is so invasive that it takes them 20 minutes to find the front door after parking in their driveways."
Photo: trying to get the bushel printed.