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Essential Tagge

The Archaeology of a diary – Notes in preparation of a memoir

Museum display with forms, figures, ideas, objects and recordings taken from the archives of the renowned taxonomist Bob Tagge. Largely forgotten today, Bob Tagge devoted his life to order, sequences and numbers. His archives reflect not only on the life of one man, but more generally on the modern day fascination with numerical systems. Video testimonials from people with a variety of backgrounds reflect the surprising significance of Bob Tagge's life and work.

It is generally accepted that he drifted away in his latter days, obscured by his obsessions, biding his time in buses and subways, fighting the numbers that colonised his thoughts. Others have doubts about this determination. So much is found that points to other directions...

Setting: Mid seventies until the early eighties.

Atmosphere: Slightly depressed.

Geography: Fields and country paths, Sweden and Norway. Small town appartment.

Condition: Errant in music. Taken over by the presumption of mathematical order.

Period: known as Pre-Lisa.

Annotation: Quite some remarkable views.

Installation with objects, sound recordings and video testimonials
Exhibition at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, 20 june - 27 september 2015

Essential Tagge was made possible by a grant from the Dutch Foundation for Literature.