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On invasive plants

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CL198A CS issue 4
1981, July

Clipping from Countryside Survey

Aggressive plants such as bindweed and ivy are forcing traditional wild flowers out of hedgerows, according to a new survey.
The research, which appears in the latest Countryside Survey, confirms earlier predictions of Bob Tagge. Bob had stated more than 20 years ago already that, as a result of the increase in invasive plants, the variety and number of species of wild flowers is falling. The broad-leaved willowherb, a pink and white flower found on roadsides and waste ground has suffered the most rapid decline. Questions have been raised about the added notes on Bob Tagge’s view by a certain mister Daniel and mister Tilander. They both claim that Bob once said that "plants like stinging nettles and brambles can be considered as clowns and fanatics. They make funny faces and react violently on every attempt to talk things over."