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The quotable opinions from the correspondence of John Hope and Bob Tagge

Five channel interactive audio installation with spoken word, representation of the text on five screens

Five different texts can be heard at five locations in the exhibition space. The lenght of the spoken text depends on the number of people present at this spot. The text is also projected on five screens in the centre of the exhibition room.

Ramifications is part of Facts & Figures, a series of installations, interventions and publications on the life and fictions of Bob Tagge.

Cordially formulated pleasantries and remarkable thoughts are exchanged in letters John Hope and Bob Tagge wrote to close friends, relatives, disciples, followers and to each other. Looking for a clear picture of both influential men of science, Public Thought gathered prolific and unorthodox statements from these letters as cited and parafrased by men and women close to Hope and Tagge, words these intimates like to confide to all who arrive in close enough range to listen carefully, words also that unveil anxiety, wonderment, approval and disapproval.
In accordance with the ideas of Bob Tagge all lines are disseminated in a pattern that follows the Fibonacci sequence.

Five channel audio, sensors, microprocessors, monitors.

Texts: Jan Baeke
Installation: Alfred Marseille
Engineering & coding by Paul Godschalk
Voices: Jon Stuart, Willemijn de Vries, Joshua Rubin, Emmelie Zipson, Claire Schuyffel
Audio recording: Oorbit Studio
Voice coach: Huub Krom

Presented at the exhibition Photosynthesis, Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh, 21 June - 27 September 2015.

Ramifications was made possible by a grant from the Dutch Foundation for Literature.