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That remains

Where to go
the day we see
there is nowhere to go?
all that remains
and the rain making sound
all that
all that
that all one’s thoughts
have been thought by others
one another
confusion and balance
other times not

Water is the mouth
I am your confusion
I that must always be
the only possible point of departure
the darkness that
sleeps, the blood in the body that sleeps
tomorrow it will be almost sleep
always take up sleep, also

what you speak against
but in reverse fashion

If you say that bad
all you have said is
that bad
If you say you
in being just that
you must say
do we have a language for it
or if you want to let language
state who you are
to the point of choking?

There are people here, you realize
prevents us from
calling it a context
the irrational is all
the uttermost, visible everywhere
one day you wake up
you lie submerged in my
reason’s near eye
the irrational is all