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Photograph with notes

It is possible to develop a taxonomy of locations on the basis of leaf shape and inflorescence

Bob Tagge got this insight while in the chairlift to the top of Skuleberget, a mountain in the region north of Kramsfors. Skuleberget had his special interest because the vegetation of the mountain is a remarkable mix of Arctic and mid-European flora. A framed postcard of Skuleberget hung over the oak desk in the front room on the first floor. On the reverse, with fountain pen in the handwriting of Bob Tagge "Skueberget (sic!), 17 June 1974. Light!"

The unambiguous determination of the inflorescence and leaf shape of a specific location was a source of many headaches for Bob Tagge in his later years. He took a step closer to the solution by including the date and time in his methodology. Locations were thus given the character of dynamic vectors and Bob Tagge was now able to draw maps of related locations for the different days of the year.

In his legacy a large number of tables are found mapping the leaf shape and inflorescence with the corresponding colors for each location.