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The words seemed to function properly

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Note in Sarah Lisa's handwriting

Weakened by all that questioning the guests leaned over the table. Sun had risen just an hour ago and most of the students had left in the early hours. I looked around to see if Bob was still there, but I did not see him. Frigge was there and a couple of frumpy interns from El Paso. Oddly enough, Daniel was gone, which surprised me because he would never leave without saying goodbye to me, or what was more likely, without taking me along. Maybe he had gone outside to get some fresh air.
It was six a.m. according to the clock above the entrance door. I started repating the names of all professors at the faculty, in alphabetical order. I found myself neurotic. I thought all lines of poetry that came to my mind had to be recited aloud.
The words still seemed to function, they managed to fall in the right order, even begun to take pleasure in their meaning, even in meanings which initially seemed too far-fetched to be true.
It was six thirty according to the church bell of the Santa Maria Immaculata. I missed the last word when thinking. Then missed the rest of my thinking by a hair and immediately fell into a deep and  unshakable sleep.